Schedule Soccer - Mondays [Fall 2017]


Players must wear shirts/jerseys of their team color. In the event that two opposing teams have the same (or similar) colors, one of the teams will have to wear a different color (see list below or check the individual game notes for any team color exceptions).

Average Joe's -- YELLOW
Aviato -- ROYAL BLUE
Bangerz -- BLACK
Beercelona -- BLACK (except v Bangerz)
Drunken Monkeys -- ROYAL BLUE (except v Aviato & Free Agents FC)
Fanatics -- BLACK (except v Little Giants)
Free Agents FC -- ROYAL BLUE (except v Aviato)
Game of Throw-ins -- LIME GREEN
Kickin Colleagues -- LIGHT GRAY
Lit Fam -- WHITE (except v Los Chupacabras)
Little Giants -- BLACK
Los Chupacabras -- WHITE
Mean Green -- KELLY GREEN
Romper Stomper -- RED
Sweaty & Scoring -- RED
The Avengers 2.0 -- ORANGE
Yellow Card -- YELLOW (except v Average Joe's)

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