Players Handbook

The Players Handbook and the league rules for each sport are designed to offer a safe, engaging and entertaining experience for Big D Sports players. Each player will be responsible for the information provided.

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Registration & Waivers

In order to participate in any leagues for Big D Sports, players must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Register on the Big D Sports registration website before the designated league deadline. 
  • Agree to the online waivers
  • Pay any applicable team/player fees

By registering, players will be listed on the official online roster for a designated team. Also, players will be able to get email/text notifications about their upcoming games, field and weather information, and Big D Sports social events. Players may opt-out from receiving these notifications through their Big D Sports account.

*Players not listed on a team's online roster will not be able to step on the field until they officially register through their Big D Sports account.*

Team Payment

During online registration, captains are able to pay the entire team registration fees upfront (or split it among the team players). If fees are split, the captain can email players a team invite (via the captain's Big D Sports account) to collect payment. Players receiving the team invite are responsible for paying their portion (via their own Big D Sports account) before the regular registration deadline. If not, the captain's account will be charged for any unpaid player balances. 

Early-bird fees must be paid in full before the early-bird deadline to receive the discount. Captains and/or players will be charged the regular registration fees if payment is made after the early-bird deadline.

A late fee will be applied if a team registers after the regular registration deadline.

All fees must be paid in full before the regular registration deadline. A team will not be able to play on the league's first game day if full payment is not received. If a team is still unable to make a full payment before the second game day, the team will be dropped from the league (any partial payments made by the captain and/or players will be refunded).

***For captains/players with credits in their Big D Sports account:

  • The team captain can use their credit towards paying the entire team fee. However, individual players will not be able to use their credit if the captain pays the entire team fee.
  • If the team captain splits the team fee during online registration, the captain and/or individual players may use their credit towards paying their portion of the team fee.

Forfeit Deposit

In addition to the team registration fee, each captain must pay a $50 forfeit deposit when registering a team.

All of the deposit is refundable if the captain's team doesn't forfeit during the regular season. At the end of the regular season, the deposit will be applied to the captain's account as credit (for use in future registrations) or refunded (via check or PayPal).

Loss of Forfeit Deposit

  • 1st forfeited game - Captain of forfeiting team loses $25 of deposit. The captain of the opposing team is entitled to a $25 "comp" credit.
  • 2nd forfeited game - Captain of forfeiting team loses another $25 of deposit. The captain of the opposing team is entitled to a $25 "comp" credit.
  • 3rd forfeited game - Forfeiting team will be removed from league.

If any captain is entitled to receive "comp" credits, they have until 48 hours after the time of the forfeited game to request these credits (for use in future registrations) be placed on their Big D Sports account. If the captain fails to submit a request, the "comp" credits will expire and become invalid.


Participants that paid their registration fees (via their Big D Sports account) may request a refund if:

  • the league is cancelled due to low team registrations
  • their team voluntarily withdraws from the league before the schedule is posted
  • the league is unable to start the season due to lengthy delays/postponements (rain-outs, field unavailability, extreme circumstances, etc.). Participants have until 60 days after their initial payment to request the refund
  • they registered as free agents and Big D Sports is unable to place them on a team
  • they registered as free agents and voluntary withdraw from the league before being placed on a team

Any refunds given to a participant may be

  • used as credit on their Big D Sports account (for future registration)
  • issued back to their original debit/credit card
  • issued to their PayPal account (PayPal email address must be provided)
  • mailed a check (mailing address must be provided)

After the league's first game day, only a partial credit may be given if a team plays less than six (6) games due to Big D Sports shortening or cancelling the rest of the regular season.

Teams or participants wanting to drop out of the league (due to personal reasons/emergencies, medical issues or schedule conflicts) cannot request a refund or credit once the schedule for the first week has been posted.

Game Eligibility

Before the start of each league game, players must: 

  • Be listed on one (1) online roster for a particular sport on a given day 
  • Be able to present a valid ID to Big D Sports staff to verify age/league eligibility, if requested
  • Be in good standing with Big D Sports (no current game or league suspensions)

Skill Levels and Divisions

In certain sports, teams can register for a division that caters to their players' skill level. Big D Sports may offer one or more of these divisions for each league:

  • Beginner - For new teams that need to learn the basics of a particular sport
  • Recreational - For less competitive teams that have little or some experience and enjoy playing for fun
  • Upper Recreational - For teams who have experience playing together and understands the strategy of a particular sport

Big D Sports reserves the right to reassign a team to another division based on the lack of teams in a particular division or a team's performance during the first couple weeks of the regular season. 

Sports Seasons

Big D Sports usually has four sports seasons during a calendar year:

  • Winter - January, February, March (registration starts late December/early January)
  • Spring - March, April, May (registration starts late January/early February)
  • Summer - June, July, August (registration starts late April/early May)
  • Fall - September, October, November (registration starts late July/early August)

A new season may get delayed if there were any rainouts that prolonged the previous season(s). Always check the website for updated info on start dates and registration dates.


League games will not be scheduled during the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day (January 1)
  • Easter Weekend (Friday - Sunday)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Friday - Monday)
  • Fourth of July (July 3 & 4) and possibly the 2nd or 5th, depending where they fall in the week.
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday-Monday)
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Wednesday - Sunday)
  • Christmas Eve through New Year's Eve (December 23 - 31)

Given the number of rainouts and potential days off, Big D Sports plays on other holidays. Games will be scheduled during the following holidays for all teams (unless a bye request was submitted and approved prior to the start of the season):

  • MLK Weekend (Friday - Monday)
  • Valentine's Day (February 14)
  • Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday
  • St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
  • Cinco De Mayo (May 5)
  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Halloween (October 31)
  • Veteran's Day (November 11)

League games that fall on religious holidays (that occur on dates other than recognized statutory holidays by the federal government) will not be re-scheduled by Big D Sports. Individuals and teams affected by this policy are absolutely free to choose not to play their games. However, Big D Sports will not be responsible for rescheduling of games or any financial damages for teams or individuals wishing to observe their religious holidays.

Leagues games will be played as scheduled if it falls on the same day/night of a Dallas professional team's (Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers, Stars, etc.) regular season, playoff or championship game.

Season Scheduling

The regular season schedule for each league will be posted on the Big D Sports registration website. The first day of scheduled games is posted prior to the start of the regular season. After the first night of games have been played, the schedule for the remaining days of the season will be posted. Once the full schedule is posted, we will no longer make changes (except for rescheduling games from rain-outs). Some teams may play more than one game on a given day. Teams need to check the schedule often for updated game information. 

Before the season starts, teams may request a "bye" for certain dates during the regular season if the majority of players may not be able to play on those dates. The team captain can go online and fill out a Bye Request Form

  • One (1) bye request per season 
  • Deadline for bye requests is the day after the first night of games have been played
  • Bye requests are not guaranteed
  • Game time requests will never be accepted

Bye Request Form


A team forfeits a game due to not having the minimum number of players at game time or not showing up for the game. The team captain will lose part (or all) of their forfeit deposit if their team forfeits any of their games. Big D Sports reserves the right to withhold a team from playoffs or disqualify a team for the remainder of the regular season (without refund) for forfeiting two (2) games. 

If a team is on the verge of forfeiting a game, the team captain must go online and fill out a Forfeit Notification Form at least 24 hours before their scheduled games. Big D Sports staff will receive a text alert with the forfeit information and will contact the team captain to verify. Big D Sports may assist in finding subs for a team that is short-handed or will notify the opponent of a team's forfeit.

Forfeit Notification Form

Rain-Outs, Postponed Games and Field/Weather Updates

Scheduled games may be postponed due to inclement weather, unsafe/unplayable field conditions or unavailability of fields. Every effort is made to play all scheduled games on a given day/night. Since Big D Sports utilizes fields owned and operated by the City of Dallas or private businesses, these entities make the final decision on field usage. 

Players need to check the Big D Sports website, Facebook page and/or Twitter page to get field/weather updates. For games scheduled in the evening, updates may not be posted until 5:00 p.m. the same evening. For weekend games scheduled late morning/early afternoon, updates may not be posted until 8:00 a.m. the same day.

If games are postponed, then players will be notified by email, and the website and social media outlets will be updated immediately with the postponement information. Players will be informed on-site (if they were en route to the field) when games are postponed.

Postponed games are usually rescheduled one (1) week after the final day of the regular season.

In extreme circumstances, Big D Sports reserves the right to adjust the schedule (due to unfavorable seasonal weather and the unavailability of fields) by:

  • Shortening the regular season. Paid players will be given a credit on their account (to be used for future league registrations) if the shortened regular season gives their team less than six (6) games.
  • Rescheduling regular season and/or playoff games on other days during the week.

COVID-19 Guidelines / Return-To-Play

Click the link below to review our safety guidelines for our coed sports leagues.

Big D Sports will not be able to provide refunds to participants if league play has started and is affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, regulations and restrictions. If league play gets postponed due to these circumstances, Big D Sports will make an effort to:

  • Resume the leagues at a later date; or 
  • Issue credits (for future registrations) if a team played less than six (6) games due to the season being shortened or cancelled.

Fields/Game Locations

Big D Sports utilizes fields that are owned and operated by the City of Dallas or private businesses. Players must obey park/facility rules while respecting the surrounding area (including playgrounds, parking lots, and neighborhoods). Players must help maintain and keep the field clean and in good condition. Also, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking and/or the use of illegal drugs are prohibited at designated locations.

Field Staff/Coordinators

Big D Sports will provide a staff member to coordinate and run the games scheduled throughout the day or evening. Inquiries regarding schedules, sports rules, policies, sponsors bars and/or special events may be directed to the staff member for assistance.

Game Control

The game officials (referees, umpires, Big D Sports staff) will have absolute control of the game. The game officials will have the power to make decisions on any matter or questions not specifically covered in the league rules. Game officials will advise players (not in the field of play) to remain on their respective sidelines or stay in their dugouts. Game officials may ask spectators to go to a designated viewing/seating area. All judgments and decisions made by the game officials during the game are final.

Team Captains

Each team shall designate a captain to act as the spokesperson and make decisions during a game. Only the captain may talk to game officials about any decisions and disputes pertaining to the game. The captain is responsible for the conduct of his/her players at all times.

Substitute Players

A team may use substitutes to fill in for missing players on their roster. 

A substitute (not currently on any roster for the league) can come to the field and use their smartphone to register as a "sub player". The field coordinator will provide a QR code for the player to scan. The player must fill out a quick online form to be listed as a sub player and to step on the field.

A team may use a player (from another team in the same division/league) as a substitute. However:

  • A team may use up to three (3) players from other teams in order to have enough players to play a game. 
  • A team may not use players from other teams if the team has enough players on their roster to play a game.


Good sportsmanship is required from players at all times. Players can be competitive while maintaining good sportsmanship. Team captains, players and spectators should abide by the Players Handbook and leagues rules for the specific sport.


Excessive disagreements or unsportsmanlike conduct from any person can result in a penalty, ejection, league suspension or team forfeit/playoff ineligibility. A person ejected from the game will be required to leave the park or facility immediately. An ejection will also result in the person being suspended for one or more games. League suspensions may include players being expelled from future participation in Big D Sports leagues.

Injuries/Medical Attention

Big D Sports will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained by players while participating in the league games/activities. A staff member may provide a basic first aid kit for players with small scratches, bruises, bumps, cuts or abrasions. Any minor or serious injuries may require assistance from a medical professional. A player receiving an open wound, bleeding or has blood on them (or on their clothing) must leave the game to receive medical attention. The player may reenter the game once the wound has been cared for and the bleeding has stopped.

Team Standings

Team standings in each league are updated on the Big D Sports - League Portal ( usually one or two days after the scheduled games are played. Positions in the standings are determined by each team's record (wins-loses-ties). If two teams have the same record, then the tiebreaker will be determined by:

  • Primary criteria: The winner of the regular season game between the two teams
  • Secondary criteria: The team with the least points/runs scored against during the regular season
  • Third criteria: The team with the higher points/runs scored differential


In each league, the top four (4) teams in the standings are guaranteed to make the playoffs (as long as a team is not currently in violation of league policies). The addition of more teams into the playoffs is up to the discretion of Big D Sports. Playoffs are single elimination. Teams that advance in the playoffs may play more than one game on the same day/night. 

Each player on the online roster (or sub) must have played one (1) regular season game to participate in playoffs. Big D Sports has the right to verify rosters by requesting player's ID's.

Unlisted players (or subs) cannot be added to a playoff team's roster without approval from Big D Sports. The captain must contact Big D Sports before the first playoff game if it concerns a loss of a player due to injury and/or other extreme circumstances (that may cause a team to forfeit the playoffs).

If a playoff team is unable to play in the playoffs, then the team captain must go online and fill out the Forfeit Notification Form as soon as possible. The next best team (that didn't qualify for the playoffs) may be awarded a playoff spot.

Team Photos

Team photos will be taken at the field during the regular season. Players will be informed of the designated dates for team photos. Teams unable to be present may contact Big D Sports to see if team photos can be retaken on another date. Big D Sports cannot guarantee photo retakes after the designated dates due to teams or players not being present.

Player Gifts

Each team will receive player gifts to be handed out to players on the online rosters, as a token of appreciation.

Maximum allocation of player gifts (per team) in each sport: 

  • Flag Football - 12
  • Kickball - 14
  • Soccer - 10
  • Softball - 14

Additional player gifts can be purchased for $10 each by contacting Big D Sports.

Player gifts will be dispersed at the field during the regular season. Players will be informed of the designated dates for gift pick-up. Teams unable to pick up their gifts may contact Big D Sports to make arrangements to obtain the gifts at the office. Big D Sports cannot guarantee gifts will be brought to the fields after the designated pick-up dates or made available after the last week of regular season.

Championship Gifts

The team winning the championship game during playoffs will receive championship gifts for their players on the online roster.

Maximum allocation of championship gifts for the winning team in each sport: 

  • Flag Football - 12
  • Kickball - 14
  • Soccer - 10
  • Softball - 14

Additional championship gifts may be purchased for $25 each by contacting Big D Sports.

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