Monday League [Winter 2021] - Start Date, Times, Fees & Registration

Team Registration - CLOSED

Free Agent Registration - CLOSED

Tentative Start Date: 

  • To Be Determined

Game Times:

  • Between 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Team Fees:

  • $550 (plus 6% non-refundable processing fee) [early-bird registration]
  • $600 (plus 6% non-refundable processing fee) [regular registration]
  • $50 forfeit deposit (payable by captain)
  • All payment is due one week prior to start date - an additional late fee of $25 will be charged after the regular registration deadline if there is still space in the league
  • No team shall be placed on the schedule until payment is received in full

Free Agent Fee:

  • $80 (plus 6% non-refundable processing fee)
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***Forfeit Deposit***

In addition to the team registration fee, each captain must pay a $50 forfeit deposit when registering a team.

All of the deposit is refundable if the team doesn't forfeit during the season.

  • 1st forfeited game - Forfeiting team loses $25 of deposit. Opponent receives $25 gift card at the sponsor bar for loss of game
  • 2nd forfeited game - Forfeiting team loses another $25 of deposit. Opponent receives $25 gift card at the sponsor bar for loss of game
  • After 2nd forfeit, forfeiting team is removed from league.

Any refundable credit will be applied to the captain's account for future use, or refunded (via check or PayPal) at the end of the season.

League Fee Includes:

  • Seven (7) league games minimum for the regular season (plus playoffs for the top qualifying teams in each division)
  • Reserved field locations at Jewish Community Center (JCC)
  • Field coordinator at each field
  • Food and drink specials at the sponsor bar: Barley House
  • Player gifts for up to 10 players on each team. Additional player gifts can be purchased for $10 each
  • Championship gifts for up to 10 players on the championship team. Additional championship gifts can be purchased for$25 each

League Overview & Rules:

  • Modified soccer rules for short-field play
  • Six players on the field at all times (at least two females and no more than four males). Eight players on a roster is suggested.
  • Self-officiated games (with field coordinator keeping score and time)
  • Two 20-minute halves (with a 5-minute halftime)
  • No traditional goalkeeper on the field
  • Smaller goals
  • Official Big D Sports Soccer Rules [PDF]

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